Jean-Michel Serres Icon LogoJean-Michel Serres (Naoki Yamaguchi)

Electronic Music Producer, Composer

9 July 1985 Born in Tokyo. lives in Sakai, Osaka, Japan

knows British English, Français, Japanese

labels: Random Recordings, Cowshed Records, Structural Damage Records, Apfel Platten

skills: Editing Synth, Logic Pro, Performance by Ableton Live, Piano, DJing by TRAKTOR, Audio Mastering, Adobe Illustrator, Semiological Analysis

mail: jeanmichelserres(dot)apfelplatten(at-sign)gmail(dot)com

Jean-Michel Serres hails from Tokyo Japan (now lives in Osaka) and is one of the most exiting Tech House, Microhouse and Dub Techno/House producers to emerge in recent times. A man of many talents already releasing his work on Random Records and has forthcoming releases on other labels too.
The characteristic of his sound is no use of sampling and all tones made by synthesizers and rhythm machines. And emotion and Detroit Techno lyricism are intermingled in his music.
Untill now, he’s already being remixed by people such as Santonio Echols (from the mythical Detroit duo “Reese & Santonio”), Dj Von (Gong Records) and Rob Belleville.

musical instruments: Apple/Mac mini Intel Core i7 2.6GHz 8GB 256GB SSD, Logic Pro X, BENQ/GW2760HM , Kensington/Expert Mouse, PFU/Happy Hacking Keyboard, Novation/LaunchKey 61, Roland/TR-8 + 7X7, System-1, KORG/SP-250, volca beats, t.c. electronic/desktop konnekt 6, Mackie/1402 VLZ-3, FOSTEX/PM0.4 Arturia/Moog Moduler V, ARP-2600V, Jupiter-8V, Prophet-V, Audio Damage/Axon, Audio Realism/ABL Pro, d16/Drumazon, Nepheton, Nithonat, discoDSP/Disccovery, Future Audio Works/Circle, GForce/Minimonsta, Oddity, String Machine, KORG/M1, MonoPoly, MS-20, Wavestation, Native Instruments/Pro-53, Massive, FM8, Novation/V-Station, Rob Papen/Albino 3, Scarbee/Jay-Bass, A200, Spectrasonics/Omnisphere, Trilian, Togu Audio Line/Tal-BassLine, U-NO-LX, NoiseMaker, Waldorf/Largo, PSP/Vintage Warmer 2, Togu Audio Line/Effecters, Waves/Native Power Pack, iZotope/Ozone 6

live equipments: Apple/Macbook Air, Ableton/Live Suite 9, TASCAM/US-200, Novation/Launch Control XL, Launch Pad Mini, Akai/MIDI MIX

DJ equipments: Apple/Macbook Air, Native Instruments/TRAKTOR Pro, TASCAM/US-200, Novation/Launch Control, SONY/MDR-7506